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After your order has been received by the delivery service at their warehouse, Sherwood House Furniture will call you at that time for your balance to be mailed in


Once we receive your final payment, we will release your order to the delivery service, and your delivery will be schedule on the first available truck in your area.

Please allow the delivery service 2-4 weeks, from the time your order was released, to contact you to schedule the delivery.

Your furniture will be delivered by an in-home delivery service. They will provide two ICC regulated delivery professionals to unload, uncrate, and place your furniture. The delivery service insures both your furniture and home against loss or damage. You will be called prior to delivery and given an estimateddate and time. You will be required to be available for a four-day window, and should be given a call the day before the actual delivery.


Due to the size and/or heavy nature of some furniture pieces, you may be required to provide additional help and/or equipment, at your expense. Normally, this pertains to items over 350 pounds. If you have ordered a large piece of furniture please discuss any concerns with the delivery service when they contact you to schedule your delivery.

Delivery fees will be confirmed with you by the delivery service when you are contacted to schedule your delivery. They are payable at the time of delivery to the delivery service by a cashier's check or money order.

It is IMPERATIVEthat you inspect each piece of furniture while the delivery service is still in your home. Any damage needs to be noted on the driver's bill of lading and the item must be REFUSED . Please do not allow the delivery person to persuade you to keep items which you feel should be returned.If your delivery is during our normal business hours, please call us with any questions or concerns. We will be happy to talk with you and/or the delivery team. Return only the unacceptable items and not any companion pieces.

• If you cannot be there to accept the delivery, please make arrangements to have a responsible person present so that the delivery service may rely upon his or her signature as authorized to inspect and accept delivery. If a scheduled delivery is cancelled, refused, or no one is home to accept the delivery, a re-delivery fee will be charged.

• If your home is not accessible by the delivery service's trucks, they will transport to the nearest accessible point and it will be your responsibility, at your expense, to provide a means of transport to your home.

All deliveries are insured by the in-home delivery service for transit damage. The furniture is warranted by the manufacturer for defects in materials and workmanship. Provided all our delivery policies and procedures are followed, Sherwood House Furniture insures your order for any re-delivery charges, should you require a return delivery due to transit damage or manufacturer defects.

Upon its return to the delivery service, a quality control representative will inspect the damaged furniture and determine whether the item needs to be repaired orreplaced.

•Sherwood House Furniture WILL NOTbe responsible to assist in the repair or replacement of items unless damages and/or defects are noted on the original bill of lading.

If damage or defects are noticed AFTERthe delivery is made, contact your salesperson immediately. Sherwood House Furniture will only support the warranties as set forth by the manufacturer, and you may be required to pay additional shipping charges and/or delivery fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure the furniture you have ordered will fit in the designated rooms, as well as through all entrances and hallways. Absolutely NO returns or refunds are allowed for items, which cannot be delivered due to size and space constraints. It is NOT the responsibility of the delivery service or Sherwood House Furniture to provide any equipment or expertise beyond the standard service.

If maneuverability is limited, neither the delivery service nor Sherwood House Furniture can be responsible for any damage that could result in attempting placement. If you feel there may be difficulty delivering any item you should discuss with the delivery service BEFORE scheduling your delivery.

Miscellaneous Notes: • It is notthe responsibility of the delivery service to take back cartons or crates. It is in violation of the ICC rules. •The delivery service will not install clocks, or any item that attaches to the home structure. (i.e. mirrors, library wall units, etc.) • Check that all items needed for a successful set-up have been addressed. You may need to consider bed rails, bed slats, headboard bolts, mirror supports, and dining table pads. Please be sure to ask your sales associate for help with these or any other issues you may have concerning delivery.

Sherwood House Furniture is proud to offer some of the finest furniture collections available anywhere.  From household names such as Lane, Broyhill and Lexington, to fashion brands like Tommy Bahama, Sherwood House's broad range assures our abilty to offer our customers the style that is just right for their lifestyle and budget.

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